Beyond 12 for Students

Here's the situation: you've worked really hard through high school, prepared academically and financially for college, slogged through your college and financial aid applications, and – finally – signed your college admission letter. Now it's time for the next challenge: navigating the transition between high school and college, and earning your college degree.

“I feel like you are more than my college coach, you are more like a close friend…it means a lot to me that I have somebody to talk to and that is going to be real with me about college.”

Humboldt State freshman

Social & Purpose Networking

The Beyond 12 College Success on Facebook application allows you to meet, interact with and share your experiences with other college-bound and current college students. Just use your Facebook login and when you join the Beyond 12 community, the application will appear on your Facebook profile.

College Coaching

Beyond 12 will pair you with a college coach beginning in your senior year of high school and continuing through the end of your second year of college. Our coaches are recent college graduates who are carefully selected and trained. They understand exactly what you’re going through and can relate because they’ve just experienced it.

College Transition

Each summer, Beyond 12 will host a regional college transition program for college freshmen. You will meet with coaches and college administrators, and interact with other students from your area who will be attending your college or university.

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