Personalized Coaching

Research has shown that academic, social, and emotional engagement are keys to success in college, and that hands-on support is often critical to ensuring that traditionally underserved students – particularly students from low-income communities or those who are the first in their families to attend college – persist past the difficult first few years and graduate with a degree. Beyond 12 coaches help students navigate the transition from high school to college and offer academic, social and emotional support.

While most coaching or advising models work with students either in high school or in college, Beyond 12 provides a service to both secondary and postsecondary schools to bridge the gap between high school and college and reduce the resource disruption that often leads students to feel isolated and disengaged upon first arriving on their college campuses. Beyond 12 matches students at its partner institutions with committed, competent coaches who work directly with them from their senior year of high school through the end of their second year in college. These coaches are recent college graduates who have been carefully screened and trained by Beyond 12; they are paired with college-bound seniors who plan to attend their alma mater and who share similar academic and career interests.

Coaches begin to help students navigate the high school-to-college transition at a college success session offered by Beyond 12 the summer after high school. Once students arrive on their college campuses, coaches meet with students weekly either in person or via email, phone, video Skype, text messaging or the student engagement site on facebook to offer them academic, social and emotional support.