Intelligent Technology

The Beyond 12 platform allows high schools, college access organizations and colleges to track, analyze and share longitudinal student performance data. The platform is web-based and consists of four software modules.

An Alumni Tracking Tool allows high schools and college access organizations to track their alumni’s qualitative and quantitative college data (such as course enrollment, remediation rates,  grades, extracurricular activities, employment patterns, and college persistence and graduation rates) to enable them to evaluate the efficacy of their college-readiness models and to inform future program design.

An Early Detection System will provide colleges with real-time student progress data that allow them to detect and resolve student challenges early, before they lead to a student’s withdrawal. Through analysis of multiple data points and trends, Beyond 12 will flag students who are struggling as early as week two of a semester or quarter.

A Student Engagement Site, built on the facebook platform, allows students to set goals, assess their postsecondary expectations and progress, and connect to peers who share common academic and career goals, as well as with mentors, coaches and advisors.

At the heart of the platform is a Robust Analytics Engine and information management system that integrates data and information from across all three applications. The system combines predictive modeling with data mining to assess a student’s risk of dropping out of college.