Early Detection System

The Early Detection System will provide colleges with real-time student progress data that allow them to detect and resolve student challenges early, before they lead to a student’s withdrawal. Through sophisticated analysis of multiple data points and trends, Beyond 12 will flag students who are struggling.  Advisors and resources assigned to a flagged student will be notified via a notice on their home page and an email alert. Content designed in response to each of the early detection flags will provide coaches, counselors and students with results-driven, actionable steps to support the student’s efforts to persist and graduate. Colleges can use the system to answer questions such as:

– Which students are struggling right now and need immediate intervention? Are they taking advantage of existing counseling services or other campus resources?

– Which types of students tend to persist all the way to graduation, and which struggle to engage academically or socially? What are the pain points along the way to a degree at my school? How successful are the programs I have in place to address the needs of those student groups and increase retention and graduation rates?

– What are my students’ post-college and career aspirations? Where do my students land after they graduate from my institution?