Alumni Tracking Tool

The Alumni Tracking Tool allows high schools and pre-collegiate organizations to track their alumni’s qualitative and quantitative data, such as course enrollment and grades, student engagement, and employment patterns. The analytics will provide clear, relevant, and timely data that programs can use to evaluate the efficacy of their college-readiness models. An alumni communication engine allows administrators to create communication campaigns across multiple channels, including cell phones (text messaging), email, Facebook, and Twitter. Beyond 12 also provides consulting services to administrators as they analyze the reports they receive about their alumni, and provides specific and actionable feedback about future program design. The express goal is to increase postsecondary effectiveness for future students. This tool allows partners to answer key questions such as:

– How are my alumni doing in college? What two-year and four-year institutions do they attend? How many of them enroll, attend, transfer, persist, and graduate from college?

– How effective is my college-preparatory program in ensuring students are ready for college? How many students enroll in remedial classes, and which ones? What are my alumni’s grades and GPAs? How can I adjust my programs to improve my students’ college graduation outcomes?

– How can I continue to support my alumni as they work toward college degrees?